Sustainable Offices

Even if your office doesn’t have the budget to go entirely green, you can still make small changes by buying recycled and reusable office products. In general eco-friendly office products cost only 5% more than normal office products and there is now a wide range of products, from recycled paper and desk supplies, to flash drives and calculators. We’ve rounded up some of the most innovative designs out there that are paving the way for sustainable offices.

Hand-powered paper shredder

Shredding paper will no doubt soon be a thing of the past as we lean more and more towards electronic files. However, to shred the small amount of 100% recycled paper you do have, then a hand-powered paper shredder effectively destroys your documents, as well as providing a bicep workout. A win-win situation.

The Seven-Year Pen

It’s estimated that 100 million pens are thrown away on a daily basis because they’ve run out; that’s a lot of plastic! For less than $10 you can buy a cool swiss-made pen that lasts for seven years because the ink cartridge has been revamped to fill more of the barrel of the pen. All you have to do is remember where you put it.

Recycled Rubbish Bins

Wouldn’t you like to know where your old chip bags and toothbrushes end up? With TerraCycle, it’s as a 100 percent recycled plastic rubbish bin, a perfect accessory for any sustainable office. By buying upcycled goods like this, you’re helping to keep plastic out of landfills and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Staple-less Stapler

Speaking of landfills, you can also stop buying those pesky unsustainable staples and invest in a staple-less stapler. This nifty invention does away with staples altogether by binding your document securely with paper flaps, and there’s no need to worry about staples getting caught in your hand-powered paper shredder. It only does up to five pages though.

Write and Dine Utensils

Reusable is the name of the game with many of the office products on the market, and this set of pen topper cutlery is an ideal way to combat the problem of disposable lunch time cutlery. The knife, fork and spoon fit onto most pens (you’ll have seven-year pens of course) and can be washed after eating.

Water-Powered Calculator

Solar-powered calculators have been around for years but have you heard of a calculator powered by H20? This uses an innovative water-powered battery that is simply refilled every two to three months as the water evaporates. If you’re not using it can be stored in a dry state unlike conventional batteries, and all components of the battery are 100% recyclable.

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