Bris Al Cavity Slider System Architecture

The Supreme Adjustable Framing System provides you with a truly versatile and fast solution for a range of window and door framing applications. Designed to give you flexibility, ease of assembly and the strength and durability of 1.6mm extruded aluminium, the system is COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE and fits a wide range of the most common wall thicknesses. Bris Aluminium can manufacture an adjustable door or window to suit your specifications, and our professional staff have the experience and expertise to advise on the most suitable door or window frame to meet your needs. /company/bris-aluminium /brisaluminium FOR 35mm DOORS in wall thicknesses from 70mm to 130mm and 198mm to 218mm. FOR 40mm DOORS in wall thicknesses from 76mm to 136mm and 204mm to 224mm. See more at For more information on how the Supreme Adjustable Framing System can work for your projects, give us a call on (07) 3299 5227 or (07) 3260 6077. Multiple Applications Multiple Benefits Anodised or powder coated finishes. Adjustable frames are reusable.* Eliminates all gap excesses for solid & square finish. Arrives in a manageable kit for fast & easy assembly. Prolonged strength from 1.6mm extruded aluminium. Architraves can be easily removed to access the demountable frame. Newfitouts or retrofit into an existingwall. Pre-fab buildings, rooms & temporary buildings. Non-standardwall thicknesses are no problem. Fixings are completely covered by snap-on architrave. Very tidy and re-usable* if needed. Door Frame Glazing Frame Plaster Board Plaster Board *Note: When reusing components, customers sometimes need to replace architraves due to damage when removing them. SUPREME PARTITION SYSTEMS Call: 1300BRIS01 (1300 274 701) Supreme Cavity Door Slid r