Glazing Systems

Supreme Viewing Panels

The Supreme Viewing Panel takes an ordinary door or wall and makes a statement. When planning your office partitioning, strategic use of our Supreme Viewing Panel can make a huge visual difference.

Controllaview Vision Panels

Controllaview Vision Panels are pre glazed and fully assembled viewing panels, ready to be installed into existing or pre finished doors that is a time-efficient and a simple process.

Double Glazing System

The Supreme Double Glazing System is available on 64 / 76 / 92 supreme system.
Below is the photo of how the system goes together. The product code is: SDGA-35 – Glazing Adaptor, SDGB-36 Glazing Bead And SDGC-37 Glazing Channel. The Glazing Channel height and width is 25mm.

Disclaimer: This is not designed for sidelight windows. The architrave size will be 65mm ( 40mm for the mullion plus 25mm for the glazing adaptor) .

Glazing Wedge Information:

Need to achieve a high end office design but you’re within
building architectural limitations and requirements?