Design Considerations

The Bris Aluminium Supreme Setting System is a flush-set system whereby NO ALUMINIUM is visible. The Supreme Setting Track, with its perforated holes in the side, allows for good bonding between the plasterboard and aluminium. The wall can be completely painted, rendered or covered all the way to the ceiling.

There are NO VISIBLE FIXINGS after the partition has been installed.
Basic wall systems should NOT be used where they may be exposed to excessive moisture or humidity.

Where magnesium oxychloride composition flooring is used, special provision must be made to isolate the steel track from this flooring, as corrosion of the galvanised steel can occur if the floor becomes wet.

Maximum stud spacing is 600mm. – Maximum height is 3.0m. – Maximum unsupported span without lateral support is 3.6m.
Cupboards, bookshelves and similar fixtures may be attached to ceiling height partitions only.

A maximum load of 30kg per stud is permissible.


Studs are made with bell-mouth service holes to accommodate electrical and telephone services. Alternatively, ducted skirtings may be used.

Architectural Specification & Systems Warranty

The Supreme Setting System by Bris Aluminium is designed and tested to meet the relevant Australian Standards. Genuine Bris Aluminium Systems have been researched, developed and tested over a number of years. Bris Aluminium is totally committed to the improvement of all Supreme Systems with ongoing redevelopment to meet our customers’ needs.

Genuine SUPREME Systems by BRIS ALUMINIUM carry a warranty ensuring when all components used are manufactured and supplied by Bris Aluminium and installed in accordance with Bris Aluminium literature.

Bris Aluminium provides NO WARRANTY in respect of Systems incorporating any components not manufactured or supplied by Bris Aluminium.

Component Parts

As per our Architectural section drawings:

SST Supreme Setting Track 98 x 22mm AS 50 Skirting 50 x 5mm
RST Reveal Setting Track 98 x 12mm AS 100 Skirting 100 x 5mm
GS 500 45 mm Glazing Base 45 x 27mm AS 125 Skirting 125 x 5mm
GS 501 45 mm Glazing Bead 15 x 19mm AS 150 Skirting 150 x 5mm
GS 502 End Cap 45 x 9.5mm BA 2002 Skirting Insert Rubber
CSP 13 Corner Setting Post 25 x 25mm BA 2000 Supreme Slam Strip
DPS 30 Supreme Corner Post 32 x 32mm RP 10 Doorseal (Doorstop) 25 x 16mm
DJ 35 35 mm Slimline Door Jamb 45 x 23mm RES 009 Reveal Doorstop Infill 16 x 16mm
DJ 45 45 mm Slimline Door Jamb 55 x 23mm RDS 75 Reveal Doorstop 16 x 25mm SS 64 64 mm Steel Studs 32 x 64mm ST 64 64 mm Steel Track 32 x 64mm
DJ 45 45 mm Slimline Door Jamb 55 x 23mm RDS 75 Reveal Doorstop 16 x 25mm SS 64 64 mm Steel Studs 32 x 64mm ST 64 64 mm Steel Track 32 x 64mm

Supreme Quick-Fix Hinge

Features: Aluminum Features: Stainless Steel

  • Quick fixing Quick fixing
  • Interfolding leaves Interfolding leaves
  • Interfolding leaves Interfolding leaves
  • Countersunk holes Countersunk holes
  • Keyed nylon bushes Ball Bearing bushes
  • High tensile alloy 6063T6

Manufacturers Specification for Installation of Hinge

Installation of top hinge will set 100mm from the top of the door. Hinges to be screw fixed only.

Bottom track 64mm
Standard studs 64mm
Partition thickness nominal 98mm
Maximum height 3.7m
Floor to ceiling post maximum 3.7m
Recess-edge board for setting joints 13mm
Aluminium Skirting 50mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm
Glass Thickness and Glazing Wedges:
6 mm Glass – P 115 Glazing Wedge (both sides)
8 mm Glass – P 113 Glazing Wedge (both sides)
10 mm Glass – P 113 Glazing Wedge (both sides)
12 mm Glass – P 41 Glazing Wedge (both sides)
6 mm Glass – P 115 Glazing Wedge (both sides)

NB: Floor to ceiling post may be omitted where there is lateral support every 3.6m, or less, such a provided by corners and intersecting walls.

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