We now have 2 NEW simple to fit adaptors to increase the flexibility of our Supreme Partitioning systems!

This enables you to set 13mm plasterboard on one side of a wall and a range of mediums on the other or allows our 13mm DPS framing systems to be used to match combinations of the range of coverings.

  • DPS-06 reduces the 13mm to 6.5mm to accommodate 6mm Villaboard.
  • DPS-07 reduces 13mm to 10mm to accommodate 10mm plasterboard or 9mm Villaboard

If you are currently holding 13mm framing stock, you can now use it in other applications!

DPS-06 (13mm-6.5mm)   |   DPS-07 (13mm-10mm)

For more information on how the new adapters can work for your projects and perfectly adapt the Bris Aluminium Supreme System, give us a call on (07) 3299 5227 or (07) 3260 6077.

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