Moving to new Brisbane offices has given Bris the perfect opportunity to utilise many of our great office partition systems for our own office fit out.  The use of the Supreme Systems along with Viewing Doors and Panels in both the factory floor and office interior has created a functional, open space which everyone loves working in.

As of August, 2011, Bris has moved all of our Northside operations from our old offices at Northgate to our all new factory at Saltash St Virginia. This new 1,200m sq. facility means an additional improvement in fabrication capacity, stock levels and ranges; and all of this adds up to more benefits to you.

With Multispan’s design & construct team, we were able to come up with a building that caters to all the needs of Bris Aluminium and our clients. With their expertise, Bris has been guided from the planning & design stage, council approvals, through the construction process to handover; and we’re very pleased with the result.

The timeline below outlines the project’s history:


Plans for the new Northside facility are drawn up to cater for expanded raw materials storage, larger fabrication area, and more room for ready-to-go stock lengths.

MARCH 2011:

Following the normal range of Council approvals, the site was prepared and the 20 huge tilt-slab concrete panels are fabricated onsite by Multispan.

APRIL 2011:

The panels are raised and fixed in place in only half a day by a very impressive construction team!

JUNE 2011:

Things are really taking shape now. The roof is on and the mezzanine level is in place. The plumbing is going in, and the warehouse walls have been given an early coat of paint.


Need to achieve a high end office design but you’re within building architectural limitations and requirements?