At Bris Aluminium, we know how essential it is for office spaces to meet all the Australian Standards, especially when it comes to disability access. There are a number of codes and requirements that need to be considered when designing products suitable for office fit outs which is why we felt that it was not enough to simply interpret these Standards ourselves.

Bris have recently organised Philip Chun, a leading consulting and certification company specialising in working with and interpreting building codes and accessibility design for people with disabilities, to assess a range of our products.

Having looked at our:

  • Aluminium framed swing door,
  • Aluminium framed sliding glass door,
  • Aluminium framed glazed partitions,

The Philp Chun consultants found these products satisfy the relevant BCA standards “Bris Aluminium supply aluminium framed doors with various stile widths, including 78mm, 90mm and 114mm. In each instance, these aluminium framed glazed doors would satisfy the minimum 50mm area of luminance contrast.”

The full results of our independent assessment can be found here:

For Reference Only: Whilst many factors such as chemical composition, actual extrusion and anodizing process can have an influence on the actual LRV (Luminance Reflective Value) of aluminium we would suggest that, as an indication from information available, clear anodized aluminium extrusion would have an LVR in the approximate range of 64 – 70.

Need to achieve a high end office design but you’re within

building architectural limitations and requirements?